Come take a seat, make yourself at home

13 March 2015

Have you got a cup of tea ready? Have a read all about Long Eaton Discount Furniture

At Pulse we hold you, our clients, in the highest of regards. After all without you we wouldn’t be able to do our jobs!

This month, our blog is focused on a new client that we helped towards the end of last year. Long Eaton Discount Furniture are a family business located in the heart of Long Eaton. They specialise in the selling and distribution of furniture sets, beds, mattresses and occasional furniture. They pride themselves on having great relationships with their suppliers which allows them to receive fantastic discounts, which are then passed directly onto their customers.

As with many businesses Long Eaton Discount Furniture created their company logo themselves. It is such an intricate logo, incorporating the key features of the business to form the letters L.E.D.F (Please see image below). However the devil is in the detail and with so many colours we quickly worked out that the logo would need to be simplified in order to be digitized ready for embroidery.

Digitizing a file is converting analog information into digital information. An example of a basic form of digitizing, would be scanning a photo onto a computer. In regards to embroidery it is the process of applying stitches to the artwork so the embroidery machine will know where to thread and in what colour.

When looking to embroider a logo it is important to consider how many colours your logo or design includes. Embroidery machines can hold 1- 12 different colour threads. For a complex logo like L.E.D.F embroidery was the perfect option as not only can you embroider onto a large selection of garments but you can also include a wide range of colours.

With our ethos in mind, to impress every customer every time, we set out to simplify the the logo whilst avoiding lowering the quality or detail. Like most things in life it wasn’t as straight forward as originally planned but with persistence and a couple of revisions we had the final design! This is a perfect example of how with a great idea, a bit of hard work and lots of communication anything is achievable in the world of customisation.

Please see below for the original version of the logo in comparison to the final embroidered version. What do you think of the original compared to the embroidered version? And don’t forget to like Long Eaton Discount Furniture on Facebook or head over to their website;

ledf logo                                      ledf