Make way for Headway!

11 October 2019

Colourful embroidery for a local charity

Headway Nottingham is a brilliant local charity who provide rehabilitation and support for brain injury sufferers.

The charity offers several amazing services such as nursing, helplines and emergency funds. Pulse Custom Wear worked with them to help create their new, branded uniforms.


Headway Nottingham approached Pulse Custom Wear after a mutual business referred our services. The Services Manager wanted our help with creating a new uniform that would comply with their brand identity and guidelines.


At Pulse Custom Wear, we recognise the importance of local non-profit organisations like Headway. To show our appreciation for the amazing work that they do, we offered them a small discount.


After providing advice on colours, sizing and the options available, Headway selected a variety of brightly coloured t-shirts and hoodies that would add colour and energy to the company and their events.


Headway_Embroidered_Custom_Wear Headway_Staff_Embroidered_Custom_Wear Headway_Logo_Embroidered_Custom_Wear








We used our in-house embroidery machine to professionally embroider the Headway name and logo onto each item. This process began by digitising the company’s design for the embroidery machine, which created a unique stitch pattern. The embroidery machine followed the unique stitch pattern which created the final bespoke logo on each garment.


The outcome was a hugely bold, colourful and varied array of garments that complimented Headway’s logo and overall brand.


In support of this great charity, we also participated in their annual ‘Hats for Headway Day’ fundraiser campaign earlier this year. This involved a charity networking event where we all wore hats and raised money for an amazing cause. Hats off to that!


If you would like to find out more about this amazing charity and how you can get involved or help, please visit their website!