Make way for Headway!

11 October 2019


Colourful embroidery for a local charity

Headway Nottingham is a brilliant local charity who provide rehabilitation and support for brain injury sufferers. The charity offers several amazing services such as nursing, helplines and emergency funds. Pulse Custom Wear worked with them to help create their new, branded uniforms.   Headway Nottingham approached Pulse Custom Wear after a mutual business referred our… Read more »


Complex logo? No problem...

At Pulse we hold you, our clients, in the highest of regards. After all without you we wouldn’t be able to do our jobs! This month, our blog is focused on a new client that we helped towards the end of last year. Long Eaton Discount Furniture are a family business located in the heart… Read more »

Ever wanted to make an enquiry but you were not sure what you needed to do?

This blog post is going to be short and sweet. Unsure on how to request a quote? If you’ve ever wanted to make an enquiry but was unsure on where to start, look no further. Just follow these 5 steps and we will try our best to help! Please click on the image to enlarge… Read more »

Fail Friday

23 January 2015

New Year’s resolutions- how many of you actually keep them?

Fail Friday A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions but unfortunately it seems that not that many of us can keep them. According to the Independent (please see below for article) we are fast approaching the time of year where people throw in the towel and let go of the idea ‘new year, new… Read more »

Now I know you all may be wondering what on earth this blog post is going to be about but keep reading and you are sure to find out!

First of all let me explain the Lego plastic element of this blog. Some of you may have guessed, but most of you probably haven’t! This blog post is all about 3D printing which is something that Hannah and I are very excited about! About 3D printing 3D printing is where you can make solid… Read more »

Ever wanted to know how screen printing all began?'ve come to the right blog!

Screen printing is a method of printing onto fabrics where you force ink (or metal) onto a surface through a prepared screen of fine material.  This creates a picture or pattern on your chosen garment. Then… Screen printing has been around for centuries with its earliest application being found in mediaeval Japan.  It was first… Read more »

The industries leading annual trade show featuring all the latest embellishment techniques, merchandise and more!

Last week Hannah and I attended Printwear and Promotion LIVE. This is an international exhibition for the decorated garment industry which is held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The exhibition is a great way to keep up to date with all the latest trends in Printwear and Promotion as well as being a… Read more »

Company expansion? Time for a fresh face with fresh ideas!

This is a post for all you lovely customers out there wondering who I am! My name is Olivia and I am currently studying Psychology at Nottingham Trent University. Part of my course requires me to carry out a placement that I thought would be best linked to my future career. I have always had… Read more »

It's a love hate thing... the onesie; what do you think?

You either love them or you hate them, onesies. The craze that hit the UK in 2008 and could be seen as a trend that is spiralling out of control. I mean coming downstairs to see my mum doing the ironing in a cow onesie is something I never thought I would see, but it… Read more »