What does Lady Gaga, Lego plastic and a wolf’s head have in common?

23 October 2014

Now I know you all may be wondering what on earth this blog post is going to be about but keep reading and you are sure to find out!

First of all let me explain the Lego plastic element of this blog. Some of you may have guessed, but most of you probably haven’t! This blog post is all about 3D printing which is something that Hannah and I are very excited about!

About 3D printing

3D printing is where you can make solid 3D objects using a printer, (amazing isn’t it?!). These objects can be almost any shape and are created using a digital model. The 3D printing is achieved by using an additive process where successive layers of material, which make the object, are laid down in different shapes. ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a commonly used plastic which is used in 3D printing; it is also the same type of plastic that is used to make Lego!

When 3D printing evolved

The first 3D printer was created in 1984 by Chuck Hull, but it has taken several decades to develop into a standard where it could be used for mass production. For a little more in depth information take a look at the video below about 3D printing;


Printing Shoes!

So 3D printing is something that seems to actually work with people even managing to print clothes and shoes! This is fantastic news and it is truly amazing what people have been able to create. Below are shoes that I think are amazing and if you want to see more like it make sure you check out our Pintrest; http://www.pinterest.com/pulseclothing/

3d blog












Lady Gaga

Of course celebrities have jumped on the band wagon and leading the way is Lady Gaga (who else?). However Lady Gaga, who is renowned for experimenting with fashion, did not seem to impress the critics as she has done previously. Many said that the dress was boring and not as daring as her previous fashion statements. To give her credit it is still 3D printing and that has to count for something- right!? Below is a picture of the dress.



lady gaga

Image taken from Google Images.











Personally I do see where the critics are coming from; it is fairly boring compared to her previous outfits. However just because Lady Gagas dress was a little on the safe side please do not rule out 3D printing. There really has been some fantastic dresses created. For instance Deeta Von Teese wore a stunning dress which was created using the 3D printing technique. This, for me, screams elegance.















Clearly 3D printing is something that could change the fashion (and printing) world and it is something that we’re very impressed with.

The future!

But wait a minute, I know what you’re thinking- how does a wolf’s head come into this?

The picture below is a garment that has been made using 3D printing and yes that is a wolf’s head popping out of the side. This kind of garment has huge implications for the customising industry. People can now choose not only what they want printed onto a pre-made garment, but they can make the garments and not just a standard t-shirt either. 3D printing could be the future of the customising world, especially as it is becoming more and more accessible. There really is nothing stopping us creating weird and wonderful garments!














Unfortunately here at Pulse we aren’t yet able to create 3D garments for you, but we are still here for all your other printing needs. If you are interested in what we do or would like a quote please do not hesitate to get in contact!