The Onesie… the new marmite?

24 March 2014

It's a love hate thing... the onesie; what do you think?

You either love them or you hate them, onesies. The craze that hit the UK in 2008 and could be seen as a trend that is spiralling out of control. I mean coming downstairs to see my mum doing the ironing in a cow onesie is something I never thought I would see, but it seems as of late, that everyone has to have one!

What are they?

The onesie is defined as a ‘loose-fitting one-piece leisure garment for adults covering the torso and legs.’ In my eyes this definition points to the fact that onesies should never be worn out of the house (OK, OK I’ve done it once but who hasn’t?!). At least I don’t have a collection of them which a lot of people seem to!

Where did they originate from?

Onesies were originally designed for babies as they were an easy garment to keep clean and make sure that a little one was comfy. There has been some debate as to where the onesie came from it seems the original design came from Japan but the actual production of them in Europe was introduced by a Norwegian company. From then the fashion trend (?) swept across Europe and of course hit the UK. But who made it acceptable to wear onesies as a fashion statement I hear you ask? Who else? Celebrities! In particular One Direction have been pictured wearing them out and about around London

onesie 1d







Who caught on?

But it doesn’t stop at One Direction, Cheryl Cole was spotted in Paris wearing one and even Brad Pitt has been seen doing some daily errands in one. I kind of understand One Direction wearing them, pop stars are always trying to mix it up but Brad Pitt….well I have to say I was disappointed.

brad pitt










But as with every crazy fashion trend things have to evolve and move forward so what was next, customised onesies. Yes the photo below  is Jade from Little Mix showing off her very own customised onesie. Here at Pulse we can customise a onesie for you! Whether it is for you, your house mates, your little sister (I know what I’m getting mine for her birthday) or your parents we can customise them for you! Exciting I know!

little mix









Love or hate?

I personally love the onesie, it’s the first thing I do when I get home- get into my wonderful giraffe onesie, but then again I also like marmite. Obviously a lot of people love the onesie too, but I did come across some articles when I was looking at why people either love them or hate them that gave me a bit of perspective as to why some people really do hate them. One article I found called out for Generation Y to stop being afraid of the future and get out of the onesies and get a job! (I feel this is a bit harsh but everyone is entitiled to their opinion) For the full article click here:

Over here at Pulse Hannah and I are fans of the onesie, perhaps myself more than Hannah, but remember as long as you have a need for a onesie we’re the ones to come to for all your customising needs!

Here’s a short video of some models wearing the onesie;