Fail Friday

23 January 2015

New Year’s resolutions- how many of you actually keep them?

Fail Friday

A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions but unfortunately it seems that not that many of us can keep them. According to the Independent (please see below for article) we are fast approaching the time of year where people throw in the towel and let go of the idea ‘new year, new me’. In fact a survey has found that the average length of time an individual can expect to keep a resolution for is 3 weeks, the 23rd of January this year, or as the Independent have dubbed it; ‘Fail Friday’

The Most Common Fail

So we’re not very good at sticking to resolutions, but what type of resolutions do people make? According to a study carried out by the University of Scranton ‘getting organised’ was the second most popular resolution of 2014 for Americans. (If you want to see more statistics please go to

Does this sound familiar? I know I always start the year determined to sort and organise both my personal and work life. Unfortunately I am quickly overcome by the curse of ‘Fail Friday’ and I’m back to leading a mildly chaotic lifestyle.

My New Years Resolution

I am not unorganised but at the same time I am not as organised as I could be. So this year I am determined to expand my organisational capabilities. But what does this actually mean? Buying a diary or calendar? Taking time out of your day to reflect and plan, or perhaps becoming an avid list writer? Aha! A list is easy enough to do! I have tried list writing before but this grand plan quickly goes downhill. Before I know it I am surrounded by scrap pieces of paper with long lists of tasks that lack direction or purpose. In fact all of the pieces of paper end up making me feel more unorganised, it can be quite counterproductive.

However this year I have hope! Hannah has made my new year’s resolution a little easier to commit to. I return from a very relaxing Christmas holiday to find we have a chalkboard wall! An entire wall painted so that we can write on it with chalk. The aim of the wall is to allow us to get organised in an interesting way. Further to this it is huge so we definitely won’t be forgetting things once they are up there. Yes it goes against what my mother told me (do not write on walls!!), but it is just so much fun.

Chalk Board to the rescue!

The chalkboard wall has in fact become a vital part of organising the business, we use it to brain storm, write lists and so much more. We are able to sort and organise our day in a visually stimulating way which is also kept in one place (no more scrap pieces of paper- hurrah!)

Now I know for some of you painting one of your walls entirely in chalkboard paint might not be an ideal solution to ‘getting organised’- but this is where we can help.

Chalkboard vinyl is another fantastic way (and a great excuse) to write on walls, or a lot of other things for that matter. You can stick chalkboard vinyl on your fridge, your dishwasher and of course your walls. In fact you can put it on almost everything! A few examples would be using the vinyl to label things, for instance your stationary or all those pots of spices in your kitchen cupboards. Check out the pictures below for a bit of inspiration.

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We can supply you with a metre of vinyl for £16.00 + VAT. A metre is ideal for kids to have a scribble on the wall as it can only cover the bottom. If this isn’t for you, get in touch and we can quote you for single designs or smaller pieces. Getting organised doesn’t have to be another New Year resolution that falls victim to Fail Friday! Get in touch if you want help sticking to your getting organised goal!